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Our private treatment room


To deliver cost-effective quality medical aesthetic services while maximizing comfort and medical standards.


To become East Idaho's premier provider in cutting-edge medical aesthetic services.


We are a professional boutique practice focused on enhancing your look at a reasonable cost without compromising medical standards. Your safety and comfort are at the center of the services we provide. ​Our professional team offers quality treatment techniques. We hold an array of medical experience from infusion therapy to critical care. Our vast amount of vascular access expertise gives us an extra edge with injecting techniques to maximize your comfort level. We have trained with leading industry experts throughout the United States, including New York City and Las Vegas.

We care about your beauty on the outside but want you to feel good on the inside too! Our passion and goals are geared towards delivering our clients the best experience possible, assisting them in looking their best and feeling fabulous about themselves! Our services are rendered in a comfortable, clean, yet private environment. Flexible hours are available to our clients who can’t break away from the daily grind, including weekend and evening appointments.


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